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In any factory the working conditions are defined by the technology of the working process, and also by the sanitary-hygiene environment which is created on the working places. When the person is working physically, almost all of his muscles are getting tensed. When he has to use his thinking abilities, he gets very mentally nervous and tense.

As the technology gets harder, physical labor is starting to be replaced by intellectual labor. So, the subject of industrial hygiene becomes working process that are connected with intellectual labor. Exactly the sanitary-hygiene environment is all that surrounds the worker on a factory.

Such factors of industrial environment like:

  • Chemical agents
  • Noise
  • Dust
  • Electromagnetic waves
  • Vibration
  • Ionizing radiation
  • All meteorological factors (temperature, humidity, air movement)
  • Light
  • Biological factors (microorganisms) etc.

Each of these factors and their combinations can unfavorably influence the health of the worker if there will not be any proper protective measures. The basic task of industrial hygiene is to prevent this unfavorable influence.

The nationwide task in our country is improvement of working conditions. An enterprise’s authority is responsible for creation of harmless and safe working conditions. They need to implement modern safety measures and to follow all labor protection rules and norms.

Methods of Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene DegreesDifferent methods are used to fulfill control in industrial hygiene. One of the most important is a method of sanitary-hygiene inspection that is fulfilled by studying meteorological factors, the level of air pollution, dustiness, illumination, noise measurement, vibration measurement, radioactive emission, etc.

Method of physiological study is made for studying different reactions and changes, that are going on in the body at different working processes in different industrial working conditions. Method of clinical study is fulfilled for studying the influence of working conditions to your health. Statistical method is applied when studying sanitary-hygiene conditions and how they are connected with professional factors.

Except that, experimental methods are widely used to develop hygiene norms. A person who has a labour hygiene degree needs to understand principles of interaction of the human body with an industrial environment. It is all made to set such hygiene norms of industrial environment that could totally comply with physical or biological needs of human body.

Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Hygiene

People who want to receive a bachelor degree in industrial hygiene will train in a list of subjects. A person with industrial hygiene degree has to know biology and physiology and also legislation, ecological norms and care of public health. When they employ as an entry test they need to check an environment in the enterprise for pollution of the air, chemical hazards and dangerous physical effects.

If you want to enter a university to study industrial hygiene you need to have a diploma of a high school graduate or something analogue to it. There are some bachelor programs that will require you to submit your scores in SAT or ACT.

The disciplines that you will study when you will enter a program of getting a bachelor degree in industrial hygiene are biology, law in public health and chemistry. Than these subjects are united in the following more specialized courses that are studying safety in a workplace.

Master’s Degree in Industrial Hygiene

Programs that you can study and be an industrial hygiene Master are usually directed for those who have already health or safety degree and want to develop and advance their career. But they also do have programs for people that don’t have a lot of experience of working in this field.

The disciplines that you will study will include evaluation the places of work for different legal or dangerous infractions. The people will study how to manage and investigate dangerous risk exposure factors that affect job positions. They also study how to decrease and eliminate the risks. Programs in some colleges provide with a special course where they will prepare for certification exam in industrial hygiene.

There is a small list of Americal Colleges where one can study to be an industrial hygienist:

  • Kaplan University
  • Argosy University
  • University of Phoenix
  • Strayer University
  • American InterContinental University
  • Sanford-Brown
  • Colorado Technical University
  • DeVry University
  • Bryant & Stratton College

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