Bachelors Degree Programs in Safety

A Bachelor Degree program in Public Safety is designed to prepare students to preserve public well-being and confront and understand threats to the public .

Bachelors in Public Safety Degree obtainers can become:


A Bachelor Degree program in Public Safety is created to provide a comprehensive overview of threats to the security and health of society, and how to deploy resources and plan for to prevent , contain or solvethem.

Majority of programs are designed with a specific focus in mind, such as:

Coursework for this degree usually may include:

  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Forensic Science
  • Conflict Management
  • Crisis Management.

Classes can include:

  • Cultural diversity
  • Ethics
  • Management practices and theory
  • Group dynamics
  • Sociology
  • Psychology and personal development
  • Public sector budgeting
  • Research methodologies
  • Political and legal systems
  • Risk management
  • Strategic planning
  • Administrative law.

A bachelor degree can generally be completed in four years.

Upon completion of this degree, you will be able to assess crisis situations and make decisions regarding their management in an accurate and timely manner. The student will become skilled in the disarming criminals, negotiating with potential terrorists, removal of hazardous materials, and handling other life-or-death situations for the safety of the public.

Public Safety Job Prospects

A Bachelor Degree in Public Safety is opening up a number of career options for its graduates depending on the focus a student has chosen. Individuals holding this degree may become  emergency response specialists, police officers, firefighters, public safety dispatchers, or corporate security managers .

Nowadays professionals who are employed as police officers and fire fighters might earn the degree to increase career advancement opportunities. Those holding the degree may also search for employment with federal and state homeland security departments, or pursue graduate studies for executive and higher level management positions.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (, career options in public safety occupations will raise at an average to faster than average rate compared with other job categories. Driven by population growth, employment opportunities will be very favorable, ongoing public interest in retirements and security within the industry.

Schools Offering Bachelor Degree in Public Safety

safety in Grand CanyonGrand Canyon University

safety in Kaplan universityKaplan University

safety degree in Upper Iowa UniversityUpper Iowa University

Ashford university safety degreesAshford University

disaster degree in Benedictine universityBenedictine University

CharterOak State College

The safety degree program is a good choice for anyone in the law enforcement, criminal justice, homeland security or fire science fields. Program participants benefit from:

  • Public safety career enhancement and potential job advancement
  • Cutting edge, online public safety education
  • The professional recognition of an accredited college degree

Featured Online Degree Programs in Safety

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