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Degree Overview

Disaster management degree programs are becoming more available in schools and universities across the United States. An individual can now find accredited programs for emergency management certificate and programs in homeland security as well, including graduate and undergraduate degree options.

Disaster Management Programs

With the educational training the student can start off towards a career as:

  • Disaster program director or manager
  • Disaster preparedness instructor
  • Risk management expert
  • Disaster operations center chief
  • Director of security
  • Technical training supervisor
  • Hospital coordinator.

Whether responding to hurricanes, hazmat spills, or terrorist attacks, these professionals need to know how to establish control and command, evacuate citizens, coordinate communication, and perform clean-up. American Military University offers a Master of Arts and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Emergency and Disaster Management as well as a six course graduate level academic certificate in Emergency and Disaster Management.

The interdisciplinary curriculum of the disaster and emergency management programs is addressing topics such as:

  • Health management
  • Incident command
  • Consequence management
  • Public policy
  • Interagency disaster management
  • Crisis action planning
  • Hazard mitigation

and a variety of other topics that will help prepare you to start or advance student’s career.

The students obtaining this degree hold positions across a diverse set of industries and are leaders in the field:

  • NGOs
  • Fire Fighting
  • Emergency / Disaster Preparedness
  • Emergency Medical Service (EMS)
  • Federal, State, and Local Government Emergency Management
  • Disaster Relief

Schools Offering Degree in Disaster Management

Walden University

B.S. in Health Studies Disaster & Emergency Management

The health care organizations are growing more complex and health care industry is changing drastically. By obtaining a degree in Disaster and Emergency management the student will:

  • gain the knowledge base which is required to anticipate and understand the continuing changes in the health care industry.
  • broaden their understanding of the organization, policies, dynamics and financing of the U.S. health care system.

Whether an individual is currently working in allied health or is seeking to enter the field, they can leverage their experience and help to prepare to take the next step in their professional development and career.

Emergency and Disaster management is going towards helping communities and individuals to recover from, prepare for, and prevent manmade and natural disasters. A specialist in this field can be charged with organizing and preparing communities for manmade and natural catastrophes and for building disaster-resilient communities. This includes managing and spearheading activities through each phase of the disaster emergency management process, from recovery, relief, and prevention to preparation.

This focusing will broaden student’s skills and knowledge in disaster management and examine threats to public health safety. A student can:

  • Learn how to develop long-term measures for preventing future disasters and reducing risk.
  • Discover effective methods for mobilizing resources and leading relief efforts when disasters strike, including assessing the needs of victims in emergency situations.
  • Examine the importance of disaster emergency management to homeland security.
  • Gain a broader understanding of response tactics associated with weapons of mass destruction and terrorism.

The Disaster Emergency Management Major is a great choice if an individual is interested in working within a federal or nonprofit agency, such as:

  • a private corporation;
  • the U.S. military;
  • FEMA;
  • a public health organization.

Metropolitan College of New York

The MPA in Emergency and Disaster Management

The Masters of Disaster Management and Public Administration in Emergency is pffering an advanced degree program that is covering the decision making and critical thinking skills which are necessary to supervise and support effective, integrated or comprehensive management in the event of human-induced, system-wide, or natural crises. To accommodate students’ career-changes, as well as professionals working in the field, classes meet on Friday evenings and Saturday during the day.

Through assessment of a wide range of complex emergency situations and modern disasters, the program provides students with cutting-edge skills in the areas of identification of preparedness, needs, service delivery systems, impact on communities, ethics and decision-making. This is a sixteen-month Master’s degree requiring completion of forty five credits over four semesters of study.

Upper Iowa University

Upper Iowa University is offering a Bachelor of Science in Emergency and Disaster Management online. This program provides an understanding of the consequences of human-caused, technical and natural disasters. Future graduates are learning skills which are needed to mitigate and manage these occurrences. An introductory course is designed to take students through the process of analyzing aspects of emergency and terrorism management. The roles of various Disaster Management personnel and public administrators are discussed during the course. Coursework touches subjects as:

  • Principles of Disaster Management
  • Response and Recovery
  • Emergency Preparedness and Planning
  • Politics and Policy of Disaster Management

Featured Online Degree Programs in Safety

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